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Despite talking out the pros and cons of watching the first two episodes of Korra on Korranation with my friend John, I completely caved and watched. =P I'm just not strong like he is. Plus it's legal since Nick released it themselves so it's not like I ACTUALLY did anything wrong......I feel irrationally guilty, okay? XD Of course, I won't tell him the spoilers because he said he was ticked when his friend ruined Day of the Black Sun for him. NOT reblogging Korra episode materials on Tumblr is not going to be fun. XD


I'm already in love with this series. I love the music. I love Korra (not that that's new XD). I love Bolin (again, not new). I love Tenzin. And Jinora. And Mako. GAHHHH!!!!!! I can't say if it's better than Avatar  but it is very good in its own right. The Avatar team has made some great characters who have room to develop, great humor, and hauntingly beautiful music. I can't wait for April and I can't wait to watch this with my family when I go home for the summer....however long, they're gonna run new episodes. They better not pull a Season 3 on us and make us wait ten months between hiatuses. THAT WAS NOT FUN NICKELODEON. NOT FUN AT ALL. 

Korra-Again, it's not new that I love Korra because she has been awesome sauce for a long time now. <333333 For several weeks people have debated on her being a Mary Sue (because of her bending elements as a little kid) and I was glad to see it proven false in these episodes. The girl could bend at five but it didn't mean she MASTERED the elements at five. As we see when she's seventeen, she's just finished mastering Firebending. Plus, the girl has some serious flaws and I can't WAIT to watch her grow as a character. She's hot-tempered, impatient, reckless, and (debatably) self-centered (I say debatably because people have talked about that as well). However, she's also funny, sweet in her own way (being friendly with the Sparkly Sparkly Bush Man), and well-intentioned. Oh and the way she swam to Republic City from Air Temple Island....ummmm....*swoons* Just saying. :P 

Tenzin-I love this guy. XD I really do. I just love his comically serious persona as well as his tendency to leave with a dramatic Airbending flair (or he's at least prone to it in the second episode XD). I love his interaction with his family. It's so cute. Hectic. But cute. <3333

Jinora-"I will make no such promises." Also her air bending was impressive. <333

Ikki-She reminds me of me when I was little; energetic, way too talkative, and possessing little tact. XD 

Meelo-He's cute. I felt bad for Katara though when he said "Unhand me, strange woman!" And for Tenzin when Meelo told him that he was a bad teacher and then played with the destroyed Airbending treasures. Oh well, kids will be kids. <3

Lin Bei Fong-Some people hate her but I like her. XD Then again, her mother started off that way too for the fandom. I mean, sure she's being hard on Korra but Korra DID do some damage. XD And her interaction with Tenzin is hilarious. Some thing they had a relationship in the past. I hope not. That would be cruel to my Taangian heart. :P Also, the look exchange between her and Korra will NEVER get old!!!! XDDDD Man, the facial expressions in this series.

Bolin-I love this man, I really do. X3333 He's such a friendly flirt that it's adorable. I can't wait to see more of his relationship with his brother because the backstory on the Nick.com site made me ship these two on bromantic levels. <333 He's comic relief like Sokka but I still feel he has his own flavor. <333 P.S. Who ever was electrocuting Bolin in the trailer, they're on my hit list. :P

Mako-I'm intrigued with this guy. I know I said I love him earlier but I'm intrigued. For one, I'm glad he's not Zuko 2.0. (I love Zuko, don't get me wrong). Sure he's brooding but it's not like Zuko's where he was obsessed with honor and trying to please his father. Mako is someone who needs to feel in control presumably because he had to take care of Bolin and himself. He cracked me up calling Bolin and Korra "kids". He can also be polite when he wants. "Nice to meet you, Avatar Korra." Also, he's serious but in a business manner. Like I said, I'm intrigued. 

Amon-He hasn't made much of an appearance on the show itself but going by the trailers, this mofo scares the crap out of me. Plus he scared the crap/made Korra cry so I KNOW he really is a force to be reckoned with (sorry for the cliche statement).


First off, I was completely fine with shipping for fun. No harm. Nothing serious, just simply enjoying the fan art. I mean, I did enjoy Makorra fan art but I would also oogle at Borra fan art. Or Makorralin. *nods* HOWEVER, I did not want to ship seriously. The ship wars from ATLA were not fun and being 20 (going on 21) instead of that 15-year old, the ship wars are REAAALLLY stupid. I mean, I thought they were stupid when I was 15 but now, I really do have better things to worry about than people insulting each other for having different opinions. 

Unfortunately, after watching the two episodes, I'm a serious shipper now. I'm mad at the Avatar crew for this. :P On the bright side, I honestly like Korra with either guys because she has equal chemistry with them (I'll go in more detail). But for now, I'll officially affiliate with the Makorralin troops. :P Because normally I love a ship more than another even when multi-shipping but so far, I honestly like them both. 

Borra-Bolin is a charmer and when he helped Korra out with Toza, they oozed with chemistry. And by ooze, I mean it felt natural. XD I can see them going either way and I will not mind whatsoever. They can be best friends and I'll friendship them hard or fall in love and I'll ship hard. Just...just watch them. They're awesome on screen together. <333

Makorra-I've seen the dynamic that Korra and Mako have before but it doesn't mean it sucks. I was surprised that Korra would care about impressing him but then again he impressed HER with his one man stand against the three opponents. (I'm still wondering why she cares about him admitting he likes her in the season trailer. :P *shrugs* Probably some argument or he showed some brotherly concern) I had my roommate watch the episodes with me and she's just as lost as I am about this relationship on Korra's part. We just agreed that it's probably a mixture of admiration, respect, and maybe a little interest. *shrugs* Like, Borra, these two can go either way. They can become friendly rivals or lovers and I will be behind it 100%. Shucks, if they developed a brother-sister relationship, I'd cry out of joy over that too. :P

And while I've seen people make great points, I want to say it too; Makorra is NOT Zutara 2.0. Zutara will always have a special place in my heart but Makorra is not Zutara and I don't ship it because of Zutara. Mako and Korra have a different dynamic than the one Zuko and Katara had. Korra respects/admires Mako's fighting abilities and she cares about what he thinks. Mako thinks she's crazy but he WILL give credit when due and he felt like an idiot being disrespectful to Korra calling her a "fangirl" XD. Zuko and Katara? Katara hated him, trusted him, then hated him again for betraying her. It took her a long time to forgive him and when she did, she would tease him or give him some comfort like she did for everyone else. Zuko didn't care too much for her, felt empathy for her in the cave, lost her trust, fought to regain that trust, and then became good friends with her (even taking a bolt of lightning for her!). They started off as enemies and then became friends. Mako and Korra have started as begrudging teammates that will give credit to each other when due. 

Also, I don't think the crew see Makorra as Zutara 2.0. And I believe this because Bryan once reblogged a Makorra chibi drawing. It wasn't exactly shippy but it had slight implications. If he thought Makorra was Zutara 2.0, I doubt he would've reblogged it because, frankly, he and Mike hate Zutara. :P AND I'm seeing some Kataangers shipping Makorra so....yeah. They are two different ships. If Makorra becomes canon, it's NOT for compensation to us Zutarians, it's because that what Mike and Bryan believe should happen. They'll stick to their story regardless of what the majority may think and I respect them for that. 

Long Makorrian post is long, darn those shipping debates. XD 

Makorralin-Awesome threesome is awesome. Your arguments are invalid. :P I SOOO want them to become something of a family. XDDD It can be 100% platonic or take the Harry Potter route; one of them marries Korra and then they're all related and bonded by their friendship for the rest of their lives. 


*drools* That's all I have to say because we already knew the animation was gorgeous. 


Someday Track Team WILL have the soundtrack for ATLA and LOK released and I WILL buy it. 

Writer's Block: Scents and sensibility

White Musk perfume, gasoline/kerosene (my aunt does too). First one is normal; second, people would probably worry about. :P 
What is your favorite smell?

Writer's Block: Paranormal activity

Tell us a ghost or supernatural encounter you’ve experienced.
Does seeing a cat run across the hall and disappear count? =P

Writer's Block: Love hurts

What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?
Chocolate and hours of Pink music. :P

The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra Spaz

All afternoon I was acting like a kid at an amusement park. No lie. XD Though my excitement may have spread to my folks a tiny bit; they're just calm since this show is still not coming out for another year. So I'll break it down on different aspects.

1. Title
After finding out that Aang and Katara got REALLY busy and had three children, I was like, "Are the other two Airbenders as well?" Apparently they're not but Tenzin went on and married a wife and had three kids (three's a magic number in the Kataang clan, huh? :P) and they are all airbenders. So....why in the world is the show being called The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra? What, Avatar wasn't enough for us recognize it as a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender? :P Guess not. Oh well. I just thought that was stupid since, until Korra learns Airbending, there are FOUR Airbenders in canon. Others apparently are pissed because it reminds them of the horrid live action movie. XD (TGWTG saved me two hours of my life with their review of it)

2. Animals
I want the polar bear dog. <3 I want it, I want it, I want it, I want. <3333 It's just so cool and cuddly-looking! And also there's going to be a Red Panda/ferret breed and it is SO cute!!!! I'm loving the new generation of animals already! Oh and Aang found a new herd of flying bisons. Appa lives on, people. My twin will be happy to hear that. X3

3. Characters
I've been a fan of Korra since finding out she was a chick. But Bolin is next on my list, he looks so adorable. And his brother Mako...he's hot. 8-) Yes, a firebender and earthbender are brothers. Interracial coupling FTW!!!! <----I come from a family with many interracial couples so it's a norm to me. :P

Apparently Toph has a daughter and said daughter looks like she's carrying on her mother's legacy (she's a fricking metalbending cop! How is that not awesome!!!! XD). Plus, maybe it's my bad eye sight, she looks like her grandmother. <333 And she's tall too. Either Toph had a growth spurt or the daughter got that gene from her father. Now, who's the daddy? I call The Duke. I'm not biased. :P

Tenzin looks like he'll be a fun character when we meet him. And found out Meelo is his son and Jinora is his daughter. <333 I want to see his wife and third child. Maybe they have pictures and I just missed it due to ASN consistently crashing.

4. Trailer

The animation is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm totally getting a more mature vibe from this. Admittedly, I'm going to have to get used to seeing trenchcoats in the Avatar world. :P And I saw the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park in there. They did saw parts of United Republic would be inspired by New York. :P And Korra is REALLY kicking butt and taking names; I LOVE it! And dang is she doing a lot of firebending for a born Waterbender. O_O

5. Shipping
*facepalm* I know this started months ago but it's starting to grow again in some parts of the internet. -____- I'm still sticking to trying not to ship anything because my taste is mostly different from Bryke's taste so I don't want to bother. Not denying that there won't be romance (they totally said there will be), I just don't want to deal with a ship war part 2. Then again, it's a short series so maybe it won't be as bad. Still sticking to not shipping anyone. :P And sorry to anyone but I'm glad the Korra/Tenzin ship was sunk. Not only is he middle-aged, but he's married with three kids. That I will thank Bryke for as far as shipping goes. Thank you, Bryke, thank you.

So in conclusion: 2012...COME ALREADY
Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Unfortunately, I believe in the supernatural so...heck no. :P The only possible way I'll live in there is if a pastor comes, performs the exorcism, and prove it's squeaky clean of spirits. :P

Icon Dump

Simple Program = Simple Icons. XP Though Photobucket has a feature for playing around with images and I've played with it a little bit on a few icons and signatures.


And two Ryu x Chizuru sigs (these two are soulmates. XD)

Images from Random Curiosity.

Tomorrow's Lent

This will be my second time practicing Lent (I thought it was something strictly Catholic but apparently other different sections of Christianity practice it too. *shrugs*) Last year, my twin challenged me to go six weeks without reading manga or watching anime. And. That. Was. Hell. I'm never doing that again (she tried to get me to do it again but I said heck no). So this year I'll stay away from TV Tropes. :P That site is disgustingly addicting. XD

Writer's Block: One for the bucket list

What is something you've always wanted to do, but haven't yet done?

Travel overseas.

I've got to go Six Flags, I've got a job, it's going to be a year next month that I've sponsored a child (and I want to do that until he's 18), and....haven't been overseas yet. So yeah. Whether it be Venice, Italy, England, or Japan or whatever; I will not complain if I go to one but not the other.

Writer's Block: $10,000 and Some Change

How would you change the world with $10,000?

Is that possibly enough to buy an abandoned lot and make a nice shelter out of it? *acknowledges naivete* Seriously, owning a shelter where the homeless can make a fresh start is one of my "What If" dreams.